2nd Generation GA Series

Product Description:

GA motor - For giant RC airplane series

High torque design, diameter 90mm outrunner
Using 12S and 10S Lipo battery
Replacing 60 cc gasoline engine
Applied up to 9 kg 3D model
Environmental friendly product

Key features:
Dualsky biggest RC motor we have ever produced. 
Maximum output: 6000w (9.2 HP)
New modular light weight structure
Dualsky 28 poles efficient structure
Driven directly by 90 mm diameter rotor without gearing box
Working quietly, no CO2 emission and a wonderful alternative to 50-60 cc petrol engine
Suitable for less than 9kg 3D and aerobatic models 
And less than 14kg fixed wings UAV model planes

Using the best 0.2 mm silicon steel sheet raw materials
   Using high grade Neodymium magnet which is resistant to high temperature
Lower IR winding wire to decrease the temperature remarkably after long-time working
   Dismountable stator, easier to maintain
   12 mm diameter high strength shaft (external 10 mm diameter) 
Imported over-sized NSK bearings, low noise and ultra-long life
   Long shaft(10mm) and no need to drill the propeller
Propeller fixed with two screws
   Pre-drill a 5 mm spinner fixing hole at the top of shaft
   High-precision rotor, dynamically balanced on both sides, lowest resonance in RC industry
New stator cover protecting the power wires
Integrated motor mount
   Beautiful and precise with star appearance and second processing
   Laser marking, highlighting grades, and etched with the factory serial number
Come with DB6 plug and motor extension

Powerful configuration: 24 x10 propeller, 5000-6000mAh 12s, 35C Lipo packs
Cruising configuration: 22 -24 inches propeller, 10000mAh 12S, 15C Lipo packs
Recommended to use Dualsky high voltage ESC with continuous current 130A
   100% inspection in Shanghai Dualsky factory before shipment.

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51746 GA800.7    850 RPM/V, 170g, MAX 800W (Enhanced Edition)
52093 GA800.9    660 RPM/V, 170g, 880W (Special Edition, 锦标赛版本)
51747 GA800.11    550 RPM/V, 170g, MAX 1000W (Enhanced Edition)
52253 GA800.15 MKII     810 RPM/V, 172g, 770W
52254 GA800.19 MKII     640 RPM/V, 172g, 850W
52255 GA800.23 MKII     530 RPM/V, 172g, 910W
52246 GA1500R.9 MKII     545 RPM/V, 305g, 1950W
GA1500R.10 MKII     490 RPM/V, 305g, 1820W
GA1500R.20 MKII     245 RPM/V, 300g, 2040W
GA2000R.7 MKII     465 RPM/V, 384g, 2660W
GA2000R.8 MKII     405 RPM/V, 384g, 2400W
GA2000R.14 MKII     230 RPM/V, 380g, 2880W
51549 GA2000.4     400 RPM/V, 350g, 2200W
51550 GA3000.5     380 RPM/V, 585g, 2900W
51551 GA3000.7     270 RPM/V, 585g, 3000W
51555 GA3000.10   180 RPM/V, 585g, 3300W
52059 GA3500R.10     Racing Edition, 200 RPM/V, 538g, 3550W
52192 GA3500R.11     Racing Edition, 180 RPM/V, 538g, 3500W
51552 GA4000.6     210 RPM/V, 700g, 4000W
51553 GA4000.7     180 RPM/V, 700g, 4300W
51295 GA6000.8     180 RPM/V, 1020g, 6800W
51556 GA6000.8S    180 RPM/V, Single Shaft Edition
51554 GA6000.9     160 RPM/V, 1020g, 6200W
51557 GA6000.9S   160 RPM/V, Single Shaft Edition
52060 GA8000.8      KV 160, 1150g, 8200W
52061 GA8000.8S    Single Shaft Edition, KV160, 8200W
52101 GA8000.9      KV 140, 1150g, 8000W
52102 GA8000.9S    Single Shaft Edition, KV140, 8000W

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