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  • Xpower HED seri...

    H.E.D High Energy Density Battery feature:
    1.Continuous discharge rate 50C, which showing high dynamic performance, is suitable for intermediate and advanced pilots training and competition.
    2.300+ times charge and discharge cy...

  • Xmotor_DA4

    Xmotor 63DA V4 Features:
    1.The new fourth-generation design, redesigned all parts based on the DA family design elements
    2.XM6352DA V4, corresponding to 3000 watts class, suitable for lightweight F3A airplanes and up to 12kg gl...

  • High end CNC se...

    New servo arm series can be used on 25T standard dualsky servo and other compatible servos.

  • Brushless RC sm...

    DP1000, Brushless pump with driver For giant or jet models' smoke system, includes accessories

  • ULTRA Series

    Ultra features:
    1.G7 - 7th generation Xpower battery technology with 70c continuous discharge capacity
    2.Nano coated electrode, internal resistance is reduced by 15%, providing unprecedented burst power.
    3.300+ times char...

  • GBD Series

    GBD Series Brushless Gimbal Motor
    built in Encoder and driver, I2C bus interface,
    Ultra high torque, precision control

  • BA brushless &...

    Xcontroller BA brushless & sensorless ESCs
    - High voltage, suport 5S-12S, OPTO,
    - 130A(150A, 15s) W/ 12S LiPo, 150A(180A, 15s) W/ 6S Lipo
    - New firmware version 2.50, fully programmable


    Xmotor Typhoon series brushless outrunners for indoor model

  • Flight control ...

    Gyro and flight control systems for airplane &quadcopter,For Multi-copter and RC airplane

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Dualsky – Shanghai Dualsky Models Co., Ltd. was established in early 2004. We are specialized in R&D, production and sales of electronic power system for RC models. We can provide customers with quality and cost-effective solutions for the power of electronic models. Our products include Xmotor brushless outrunners, Xcontroller brushless ESC, Xpower high rate Lipo batteries and other accessories.