XM3548&4255&5060&6360EGL series for Glider

Product Description:

EGL features:
1.14 poles arc magnets,Japanese 0.20mm silicon steel laminations,providing strong direct drive torque
2.grade 220 enameled wire and high temperature epoxy adhesive of the same level are adopted,with five-star overload resistance grade.
3.MFE G2 adopts hollow shaft,convenient coupling design,and supports EA V3&ECO V2 series upgrade installation.
4.The second generation MFE(extended output module)also provides 4 classes.

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Item no. Model Kv Power
52068 XM3548EGL-9 KV 820 960 w
52069 XM4255EGL-10 KV 620 1440 w
52070 XM5060EGL-12 KV 400 2160 w
52071 XM6360EGL-19 KV 220 4000 w
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