Z5 series, high-end competition motor

Newly design and higher performanceLight weightstrong performanceprecious scaleconsider repeatedlyPatent design precious scale

Product Description:

Z5 competition brushless motor is a high-end sensor motor for track.
Dualsky is in persuit of high quality and especially designed for high level competition.
Every detail is crafted and we strive for perfection.
It has won numerous awards since the launch of Z5.
Unassailable performance and quality is the final choice for purchasing the brushless motor for track.

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Item Name:Z5 series, high-end competition motor

Item No:
53639 Z5-3.0 Modified
53640 Z5-3.5 Modified
53641 Z5-4.0 Modified
53642 Z5-4.5 Modified
53643 Z5-5.0 Modified
53644 Z5-5.5 Modified
53645 Z5-6.5 Modified
53646 Z5-7.5 Modified
53647 Z5-8.5 Modified
53648 Z5-9.5 Modified
53649 Z5-10.5 Stock Spec.
53650 Z5-11.5 Modified
53651 Z5-13.5 Stock Spec.
53652 Z5-17.5 Stock Spec.
53653 Z5-21.5 Stock Spec.
53777 Z5-17.5 F1 Formular 1
53778 Z5-21.5 F1 Formular 1
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