Track&Field ESC 850、870,150A

150A high power outputLight weight designStrong performanceHumanized designCompetition capacitorExternal switch

Product Description:

ICE CORE 2 technology:
full metal laminated jacket(patent technology),completely cover all 
power components.Double power plates reduce the IR of PCB.PCB 
also soldered with pure copper conductive heat sink, All these 

processing forms the new ICE CORE 2 dissipation technology.

150A high power output:
New low IR power transistor combined with ICE CORE2 technology ,
make XC850TF tolerate higher current and support 4 poles motor 
and short course
Control Module Overhead:
XC850TF can lower heat up  and better heat dissipation with ICE Core 
and new MosFET.This makes the control module can be placed on 
Mosfet, the top of ESC provides convenience for the layout of LED 
indicator and sensor wire.
Ultra-small design:
Extremely minimum the volume.control module is just used to 
install sensor wire interface and LED indicator ,no longer to 
highlight the power board due to the control module overhead.
Double Mosfet power board further reduced the volume.
Full metal jacket: 
Good heat dissipation, dissipation area more than half of the 
heat sink.even no need fan to dissipate in the extreme conditions.
Large capacity high frequency capacitor: 
Convenient external capacitor layout and good heat dissipation ensure the control module works more stable.
Thermal protection:
Thermal protection for system overloading prevents system  from damaging under the condition of over-heat.
Built-in programming switches:fun to program with top LED indicator and motor beep

Support fan:
Provide external fan power supply interface controlled by switches,dualsky upgraded fan can improve power level.
Pre-installed new TtronicV2.1 competition program: 
Ttronic ultra-booster program with XC850TF is launched after twoyears' 
research.provide up to nine RPM settings and default mode :4 players
Dualsky Digital Racing Profules: 
Engineers have optimized up to 9 Ttronic V2.1 and developed suitable setting for Modified and Stock.You can 
achieve the best without time-comsuming test.
Intelligent dual-mode drive: 
Compatible with sensor and sensorless and automatically switch.Sensor start up quickly, sensorless driven can 
make sure you can also complete the game even when sensor wire falls off.
Autocell technology:
Don't need to set the battery type and voltage, optimize voltage protection based on the latest lithium battery .
Quick restart technology: 
In 4-5 NIMH game or in some extreme condition, heavy load will lower battery voltage and even lower than 
the working voltage of MCU, thus to result in restarting the whole system .Once this happens, the ESC must 
be able to recover quickly and ensure that players can complete the game.Compared to throttle programming , 
key programming can avoid entering wrong programming after restarting more efficiently.
Support dualksy link technology: 
More technical details will be presented to professional users by dualsky link usb (purchase separately).The 
user can perfect configure own  power system.

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Item Name:Track&Field ESC 850、870,150A

Item No:

(New hardware & firmware)
150A 2S / 3S
41094 XC850TF deluxe edition
(come with ProgCARD plus)
150A 2S / 3S
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