G7 Xpower HED series High Energy Density LiPo packs,30C 5C & 25C 4C

Product Description:

NEW HED High Energy Density Battery
Produce by Dualsky new 7th Generation battery technology
5C charge and 30C discharge

HED High Energy Density Battery

Dualsky 5th Xpower battery technology

4C charge and 25C discharge
For large size aerobatic model planes and helicopter.
4600mAh 5S HED battery is the best choice for F3A competition models
6250mAh 6s(x2) is suitable for 700-800E F3C models
Super enduring, optimize the discharging capacity
Laminated structure, adopt nano coat technology with ultra-low-IR
Keep as lightest at the same grade
Ensure 300+ times cycles charge and discharge without attenuation
The key materials are imported from Japan
The most stringent cell capacity, voltage, resistance and even discharge curve(competition level) matching process
Light and durable with three layers soft package
High quality silver silicon wires and the roots are protected with tubes 
Pre-soldered DC3 connectors, It is plug and play with Dualsky power components
Compatible with XH balance port
Produce in accordance with stringent export quality.

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Item Name:Xpower HED series -- High Energy Density LiPo packs, light weight & endurance.


31529 XP50002HED 2S Ultra light
32838 XP50003HED, for FAI ECO boat 3S, 270g Ultra light
32727 XP50004HED, ultra light 4S Ultra light
32259 XP50005HED, ultra light, for FAI F3A airplane 5S, 490g Best choice for F3A
32560 XP50006HED, ultra light 6S Ultra light

Item No.

32838 XP46003HED, ultra light, FAI ECO Pack 4.6Ah, 25C 3S Upgraded
32727 XP46004HED, ultra light 4.6Ah, 25C 4S Upgraded
32559 XP46005HED, ultra light, FAI F3A Pack 4.6Ah, 25C 5S Upgraded
32560 XP46006HED, ultra light 4.6Ah, 25C 6S Upgraded
32839 XP49503HED 4.95Ah, 25C 3S
32728 XP49504HED 4.95Ah, 25C 4S
32567 XP49505HED, FAI F3A Pack 4.95Ah, 25C 5S
32568 XP49506HED 4.95Ah, 25C 6S
32840 XP62503HED 6.25Ah, 25C 3S
32729 XP62504HED 6.25Ah, 25C 4S
32575 XP62505HED 6.25Ah, 25C 5S
32576 XP62506HED, FAI F3C Pack 6.25Ah, 25C 6S
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