USB LINK update record

Product Description:

latest version:

*HV firmware version has upgraded to V2.50_U
*Optimize DLBM, the brake force is more linear, larger brake force (50% +) of the adjustment is more delicate.

recent record:

V3.01_140603 (modified date: June 6th, 2014, 20:27)
*BA ESC programming for airplane is upgraded to V2.31
*Optimize the driving performance on heavy load
*Correct the reversal of setting items of 4 and 5
*Update Juan version XC9036HV to V2.30_U, modify START-MODE of throttle stick setting from 3 items to 2 items (item 4 and 5 have been modified before)

V3.00 _140325
Add XC-301-MR and XC-401-MR multirotors firmware in version V3.00. The software version is adjusted to V3.00 accordingly

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