ECO Version X for Multi-Rotor

ECO series brushless outrunner motors high quality and low price Designed for multi rotors high efficiency, easy to install Low height (length) design Lengthened silicon wires CNC machined aluminum parts with anodic treatment

Product Description:

Dualsky ECO series brushless outrunner motors cover the RC power market which is less than 900W. 

For the first time, the motors are named with Chinese name, expressing the importance of the Chinese market

ECO is positioning high quality and low price, which is suitable for the beginner and mid-level pilots of fixed wing aircrafts and multi rotors.

ECO series adopt new naming rule, name the motor according to the stator diameter and the length of the magnet

Fashionable packaging design

Designed for multi rotors, with high efficiency, easy to install, and so on features.

The KV is optimized for multi-rotors, and part of the KV is also suitable for aircraft

 Low height (length) design, to minimize the vibration in running

he Carbon Fiber propeller which is designed for multi rotors, can be installed on the motor without adapter.

By installing special ultra-thin propeller mount, the traditional propeller can be fixed on the motor.

Short shaft can avoid the interference of the shaft and multi rotor arm

Lengthened silicon wires, to make it easy to connect with the ESC which is inside of the body.

Using NMB ball bearings for long working life

The motor work under high efficiency and low temperature with 0.2 mm laminations and high grade magnets.

The rotor of motor is dynamic balanced

The logo and part number are laser marked, which will not affect the dynamic balance

CNC machined aluminum parts with anodic treatment

The accessories include propeller mount, gold connectors, motor mount and screws



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Item Name:Version X for Multi-Rotor

Item No:

货号 型号 KV
51294 ECO 2204X 2300
51377 ECO 2204X 1800
51378 ECO 2206X 2300
51379 ECO 2206X 1850
51380 ECO 2212X 2250
51381 ECO 2212X 1250
51382 ECO 2212X 980
51383 ECO 2216X 1300
51384 ECO 2216X 880
51385 ECO 2216X 750
51386 ECO 2808X 700
51387 ECO 2808X 480
51388 ECO 2814X 700
51389 ECO 2814X 500
51390 ECO 2814X 400
51391 ECO 3508X 690
51392 ECO 3508X 580
51393 ECO 3508X 380
51394 ECO 3515X 700
51395 ECO 3515X 480
51396 ECO 3515X 380
51397 ECO 3520X 690
51398 ECO 3520X 500
51399 ECO 3520X 380

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